let the emancipation begin

After watching episode 7 I really wanted to draw an older, master airbender, Jinora, and thought it would be cute to draw an older Kai as well. :>
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i literally just shat this out


I still can’t get it through my head that there will be a persona game without yu narukami, like yu narukami is gone, he has fallen, we no longer must feast on his 60’s flower wine and scooby doo mystery bread for he is gone

goodbye yu narukami may you dance your way safely to the heavens amen

❝ No one specifically said that that wasn’t Yu Narukami.❞
—Atlus, on the new Persona 5 trailer (via kirukillua)
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magi chapter 236 more like ugo-chan fanservice chapter kill me nowww

☯ 煌帝国紅組詰め | 八坂